Let it snow! Now is the time to bundle up and head outdoors for some invigorating winter sports. Outdoor activities burn calories to defend against winter weight gain. You'll maintain your cardiovascular fitness, strength, balance and coordination while having a good time. You'll breathe fresh air and soak up a dose of Vitamin D with the exposure to sunlight, which can also help fight seasonal depression.

The most important thing about which to think when buying skis is what type of skiing you will be doing. Downhill skis are made far differently from cross country skis, for example. Further, some skis are made specifically for powder, while others are all-terrain. If you are unsure which type of skiing you will be doing, opt for a pair of all-purpose skis.

Travel is not for everyone; however, if you love to experience new things and meet people from new places, ski instruction may be perfect for you. Being open to learning cultures different from your own is also an enlightening experience and many instructors incorporate these cultures into their own way of living, creating a unique lifestyle. If you have an open mind and love to learn as much as you love teaching, you might consider a career in ski instruction.

Off season training for your sport should include both general fitness training and sports specific training. In skiing, the muscles most used are the leg muscles. So your off season training to prepare yourself for winter should include exercises to both strengthen and give flexibility to your leg muscles.

Beginning skiers of any age can take advantage of the professional ski instruction available on site. You'll learn the proper techniques for turning, slowing, and stopping, so you can truly enjoy your ski vacation. More advanced family members can take a snowboarding lesson, or hit the freestyle terrain park where virtually anything goes, and there are plenty of moguls, rails, and other features to thrill any extreme skiing fan.